With crickets running across your sales page, no engagement on your website, you can’t build a kickass brand that way.

You need a copywriter. Or a copy ninja as we call it here on Talence.

Blog engagement, social media mentions, and sales don’t happen by accident. It requires strategy, good copywriting and a sea-deep understanding of your audience.

You can’t make a lasting first impression on your website without good user experience, design, and photography. But what if I told you that pretty stuff alone won’t make customers want to buy from you?

You can’t keep your visitors coming back without good persuasive copy that deep dives them into their pains and desires. It’s less about sharing your story and more about why your story and product even matters to them.

It’s like a date. Looks might get you the date, but personality seals the relationship.

Persuasive and sticky copy is like driving rush hour traffic. It's uncontrollable. It’s like building an email list that's taller than skyscrapers. And converting email subscribers to sales like a boss.

Are you a creative entrepreneur or startup launching a signature course program or service? Or you want to re-launch with a well-articulated and clear sales message?

You're slammed with every piece of the entrepreneurship and digital empire building puzzle. After all, your favorite influencers promised a land of tomorrow where you work less and live life on your terms.

Yet your days look like this...

Once your Facebook ads are converting enough strangers to subscribers, there’s the next thing to tackle. You finally have them rolling into your list, but now you need a sales sequence to get them to buy. And what if they don’t buy? You need another sequence to continue the nurturing journey. Your current life is more chaotic than before you started your freedom journey.

So this is where having a copywriting ninja as your highest performing sidekick comes in.

Spiced up copy can be the right sales sidekick as you're solopreneur-ing your way to your first $10K or your next $100K!

What if you can focus on fine-tuning your product and overseeing your marketing workflow like a boss? Money is a sticky subject we all love, but sales can be an icky subject we all avoid. But really, how do you get from sales to money if you don’t even like it? Or you can’t do it alone?

Who's your ninja behind this?

Yo, I'm Judy. Other times, Ju.

I help creative entrepreneurs with their email marketing and site copy so they can better connect with their customers.

With a background in Psychology, I fell into recruiting for startups by accident and realized it was marketing sales in disguise. It wasn't about the title they gave you, it was the ninja mindset behind it. On the side, I’ve been writing several blogs over the years. Combined, I realized that my talent in persuasion and obsession with conversions are best suited for writing copy that sells!

Like you, I use to obsess over large traffic numbers. I still do. And having a large stream of traffic is awesome. But what does it mean if all your readers only came to your website once and never came back? What good does that do for your business?

But a few months ago, I had this revelation. I saw my Google Analytics and the percentage of my returning visitors climbed from a good 28% to freakin' 50%. Holy guacamole, it almost doubled!

I’m all about building a loyal relationship instead of having one-time flings with people who aren’t in it for the long haul. Which types of readers do you think are more likely to work with you and buy your products? And over the course of the last few months, I haven’t written more. I’ve only written more consistently with long form, purposeful content.

My point is, people pay attention and engage better with content and persuasive copy they strike a chord with. They really do. You don’t have to write more, you just have to write better.