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Blogger Bosses Facebook group

I usually don’t do this, but since this email was so well received from my subscribers, I’m reposting this email on my blog as well.

Hey, so…

For the longest time, I wanted to host a Facebook group.

And then I took a step back and thought, “Maybe that’s not such a great idea. After all, there are dozens and dozens of them already, so how will mine add to the mix?”

If you have followed me since 2016, you will know how much I loved Facebook groups. The best way to understand and get a grasp of who you’re trying to work with and help is to go to where your people are at. And at the time, Facebook groups seem to be the place to be in.

Also, blogging can get lonely and one of the most common things I hear from people is how they lose motivation in the process.

About four months ago, I had a different thought about FB groups. In fact, I had a completely 360 degree turn in how I viewed FB groups. I felt like I was spending too much time in them and my results didn’t match the effort I put into them.

Furthermore, it was saturated with people who were only airing their dirty laundry, ranting, complaining, and freaking out about small things.

You know… when you meet that person and you want to tell them, “There is always a more productive way to say that.”

So because of these incidents, I’ve banned myself from Facebook groups for the next few months.

(And don’t get me wrong, not everyone was like that. I loved those people who shared their wins and were asking for honest feedback.)

So a few months ago, a slew of Facebook groups have been announcing that they’re closing down. So naturally, I thought, “Hmm… maybe FB groups aren’t as in anymore?”

I don’t know. Maybe.

But I know community and connection will always be IN.

Am I right?

The truth with social media is that it changes too frequently and it’s not easy to grasp.

At this time, I actually started missing Facebook groups, mostly because I didn’t feel connected to many people on a deeper level. So I lifted the ban and started going back on FB groups again.

But I felt like by this time, if I wanted a deeper connection with my people, I should open my own community and also connect to everyone on my list.

So I’m announcing that I’m opening a new Facebook community that’s completely FREE to join.

I’d like us to all feel more connected and to support each other. It’s also a good place to ask your burning questions (in a productive way!) or get feedback on something you’re working on.

For the longest time, it seems like I didn’t see the point of creating another FB group because there were already many larger groups. Then I realized that the majority of rants and negative energy actually came from these larger Facebook groups.

And if many negative posts get to see the light of day, I can’t imagine how many MORE negative posts get deleted each day. Admins must spend more time deleting posts than engaging with their community each day.

Ouch, I wouldn’t want to run a Facebook group like that, no matter how many people join.

Yesterday, for the first time, I went through and cleaned out everyone who hasn’t engaged with any of emails within the last 3 months. This was scary to do at first because everyone boasts about list size, but when I went through with it, I cleaned out over a hundred people!

I do this to keep expenses low and engagement rates high, if you’re wondering. But above all else, I want to keep a list of QUALITY people like you on it.

So big or small, I’d like this community to be the place where we

  • Ask questions and give feedback to each other
  • Celebrate each other’s wins, big or small they all count!
  • Connect with others who are on a similar blogging journey

Give or take, I connect with you via my emails weekly, but I’d love something a bit more two-way, where you can share your voice as well.

Also, my emails can seem so “professional” sometimes, but inside our community, you can be as casual as you like. Meaning, no grammar rules! (Who else hates them?)

I’d be logging in a few times every day to answer your questions. Also, while there will be promo threads every week, I’d like to keep the community value-driven and as helpful as possible so please don’t post links unless prompted by those threads.

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Ready to connect with your fellow Blogger Bosses?! Click on over and request to join for FREE today!

P.S. It might take a few days for me to approve everyone at once because I want there to be enough of us before I start approving people.

P.P.S. Feel free to invite your blogger friends!




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