As you may have noticed, most of the content on Talence is evergreen content related to blogging, content marketing, and influencers. And yes, while I write in a conversational tone already, it still feels like this place missing a personal touch. So #RealChat will be our recurring monthly feature where I sit down with you and talk about all real things that are tried, tested, and true — and those that aren’t either.

I hope you like the title of this chat — #RealChat. I know everyone loves authenticity and transparency these days. And thus, the name. But really, the name stroke during a moment of epiphany while I was showering. (And oops, now you know what I do while I shower. ­čśë ) Furthermore, I haven’t heard of such a chat name before. While there are plenty of #CoffeeChats out there (not that I don’t love those btw!), #RealChat is already sticking to me before the first of it’s series goes out.

It’s been a focused, frustrating, and fun month all together. I’ve definitely made some great discoveries this month, but failed when it came to guest posting. And here’s why…

Facebook groups are how stellar customer service should be!

I honestly don’t know how well Facebook is for as a traffic source, but I love the interaction and simply being able to help others and be helped on Facebook groups. This is especially true for extremely active and large Facebook groups (five figure members). Talk about stellar and quick customer service — that’s my best analogy for it.

I’m one of those people who, if you ask me a question, I’ll give you the most thorough, step-by-step solution to something. And guess what? That means I can end up writing two paragraphs under a Facebook comment. Yes, that chunk will definitely stand out amongst the other answers. Now you know why I can’t get very far with Twitter’s 140-character tweet. But I’ll save that rant for my last point later. Ha. Ha.

Introducing Video!

I believe that blogs will always be around, but video is much easier to get a point across sometimes. I’m definitely both a fan and viewer of videos when it comes to learning something techie. So here I recorded my first video on how to create opt-in forms and hook up content upgrades to Mailchimp. I saw that so many people who had just started their blogs are still stuck on choosing an email service provider. Meanwhile, others still have no idea what content upgrades are.

While it wasn’t perfect video, my future ones will be upgraded now that I invested in mic for them. It definitely makes recording all the more exciting! Haha.

I tried audio and I talk way too fast!

When I was recording that video, it dawned upon me that Talence was really missing a personal element. And while I try to keep my writing conversational for the most part, it didn’t seem enough of a connection. Lately, I’ve been listening to a few podcasts and love how convenient it is to consume information while on the go. For one, I can walk and listen at the same time. Secondly, I really enjoyed the process of recording an audio clip. Even though my first one took me three takes to complete, there’s way more to learn than actually having a final product that readers (and now audio learners!) can benefit from.

A friend of mine who has wrote for school newspapers told me that the best way to correct my own writing is to read it out loud. Now I tried her suggestion, but never made it into a habit. But, when I was recording my audio clips, I really had to face those errors head on. If your writing doesn’t flow, you won’t have a reliable script to work out of. Also, sometimes we’ll write something that we’ll never say. When you produce an audio clip of what you wrote, you know your post is good enough to send to the publishing queue when it flows conversationally.┬áCha-ching!

Now I wouldn’t recommend simply reading your blog article. You can easily fall into the trap of speaking in a monotone or speaking too fast. I made the latter mistake in my first two tries. Oh yeah, those two didn’t make it pass my screening detector in case you wonder. The best way to approach it is to pretend that there’s a friend in front of you while you explain┬áthe solution to them.┬á(I also add a bit more in my recordings that wasn’t in the written piece.) Yes, with all the hand motions and pretending to look like an expert stuff. Haha.

Guest posting – failed.

I do believe that collaborating is the best way to get yourself more known in blogging. Although there are so many people doing it, there is always someone who knows more than you know and someone who knows less than you know. This means someone can always give you some guidance while you can lead another lost soul out of darkness with what you know.

I made it a mission to start guest posting later this month, but I got distracted by revamping my landing page. I didn’t get a chance to brainstorm and reach out for collaborative guesting posting. Will make that my mission again next month!

Instead, revamping my landing page won.

I envy those beautiful landing pages. And if you have one of those Squarespace websites and landing pages, you know what I’m talking about. I’m talking to you. I’ve been a WordPress user for almost 10 years now so when I started Talence, it was a no-brainer for me to sign up with them again.

Changing hosts is simply too much work for me right now, but I discovered this Beaver Builder plugin that builds landing pages much like what Squarespace does. It has both a free and paid version. I’ve been using the free version for several months up until I hit a wall and upgraded to the Standard version for $99. With that purchase, came this thought. My Bluehost fees are about $48/year and Squarespace is about $144/year. Therefore, it rounds out to be about the same with my Bluehost fees and Beaver plugin combined. What does this say? A cheaper hosting isn’t always the best for you, sometimes it’s better to know what you want from the beginning.

If you know aesthetics matter to you like it does to me, then go for the slightly more expensive option to begin with.

With the new landing page, I hope to make it more optimal for readers to opt-in. It will be up soon!

Promoting is much more difficult than creating content!

As an introvert, I find that promoting content requires way more brain power than writing content. Don’t get me wrong, writing one blog article usually takes about 2-3 hours, including editing. That’s not short and requires much focus and effort. And you would think promoting on social media is easy. After all, how long does it take to write a 140-character tweet? Not long at all. Except the number of impressions it gets can fluctuate between 3000 and 300 per day depending on the day. Woah!

This means┬áthe chances of someone seeing the tweet is not that consistent at all. Twitter is a busy place and I expect it to be more of a channel for engagement rather than traffic. I’ve been using Buffer for almost two months and I love how quick their user interface responds. But lately, since Twitter isn’t a huge traffic source for me, I want to decrease my time spent there. Sadly, Buffer doesn’t have a tool that re-buffers your top tweets automatically.

I decided to try Post Planner as an alternative. While it’s not as robust as Meet Edgar when it comes to organizing your content for re-promotion on automatically, it’s “recycle” button really makes it easier to repromote evergreen posts. I no longer have to go in each week to add those content I want new audiences to see anymore. I still do, however, go on Twitter to interact, reply, and engage.

For those who use Post Planner, I would definitely like to hear your opinion on the platform.

So turning the question back to you now. What worked and didn’t work for you this month?

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