Let me help you become the real boss even if your writing is boring.

Want a copywriting sidekick that helps you promote your business on autopilot? Hit home run with copy that really sells.

Yo! Does this sound like ya?

Are you absolutely dissatisfied with your current brand personality and feel like it doesn't bring out your true colors? I was there a few months ago.

You have been blogging for 6 months or one year and you're totally ready to take your blog to the next level! You keep editing your main pages because you just can't seem to commit to something.

No one is visiting your about, contact, services, or product pages. That means no one is buying from you, no one cares what you're about, and no brands are reaching out to contact. Ouch!

You are absolutely devastated from the results of your last launch. You had crickets sales from your sales page! The only person who bought from you website was your mom or husband. Even worse, neither one of them found your product or service worth it.

Are you horrible at selling yourself and constantly sell yourself short because you feel imposter's syndrome, lack of confidence, or embarrassed that someone else out there is doing this better than you?

If that's you, there just might be something to turn your business fate around.


Your copy sidekick is meant to help you connect better with your audience through empathy, persuasion, urgency, headlines, and scarcity. There are no pushy sales, but there's definitely a conversation going on between you and what's in your reader's mind.

"I love my "About" Page now!"

I was unhappy before [I worked with Ju] because I couldn't write a decent “About Me” page. I wasn't sure if my voice would still come through if someone else wrote it for my website. While stylistically a bit different than mine, your writing conveyed the message I wanted it to. I love my “About Me” page now! I thought I wouldn't hear from you again for a few more days, but you finished early! Also, I love how my kitties have a special place on my page just like they have a special place in my life.

Angela Anderson, Certified Health Coach

But crackin' your brand personality and laying down a clean cut presentation doesn't have to be difficult.

To be professional, you don't have to use a bunch of pretentious corporate jargon that make even robots want to crack their heads open. Neither do you need to use big words that your clients or customers outside your industry are clueless about. In today's digital transparent world, to be professional is to be brave, bold, real and authentic.

Did you know that as someone who is too close to your own services and products, you're way more likely to present the unimportant aspects of your business to your customers? Get a second pair of ninja eyes to confirm what you're selling is actually desirable and beneficial.

If you saw your Google Analytics that new visitors have clicked over to your Services Page, but didn't get in touch with you, did you know you're missing out on potential clients? Did you know this means you're leaving money on the table? No, I can't let that happen!

You want your ninja team pages (About, Services, Product, Contact, and Resources pages) to catch the eyes of the right people so you can immediately start to attract the right clients and leads!

Without intentional copy that drives readers to get a specific action, they can easily get lost on your website or leave without ever coming back again!

As the third wheel in your business (Wait, not that kind! I mean one that really drives your business forward!), a copy ninja can take the burden of dreadful self-promotion off your chest. You won't have to write your own sales copy and end up selling yourself short nor have to feel cringe-worthy about it. Ugh!

And this isn't for you if...

You have eternity to craft these pages because your time isn't better spent elsewhere in your business.

You are a copywriter yourself. If so, get back to work ninja! Whatcha doin' spying on me?

"Wait, so how does hitting home run look like?"
Yay! I'm so glad you asked. How does this sound?

You can finally breathe, forego self-promotion and let articulate marketing create clarity and lock down a presentation that's cohesive with the design of your personal brand.

Get copy that articulates your Unique Value Proposition that blends in with your brand personality so new readers and customers scream, "Heck yes!"

Get your personal digital sales sidekick. But wait, how can she kick ass for me? She's your 24/7 sales assistant and greets prospects and closes deals for you on autopilot. She's your superstar employee who helps contribute to your most important business metric: sales and revenue. And you only have to pay a flat one-time fee for her! What, like for real?!

She's your quiet background ninja who presents your best self all while you're working, hustling, sleeping, or vacationing. Say what?!

Unleash your little baby's brand story without any resistance as I deep dive you into pulling out the sticky parts about your business, service, or product.

Yo boss, time for a decision.

Pick yo' Copy Ninja Package!

"About Page Ninja"

Give your business brand more sales ammo with a sticky story!

  • Let's be friends and sit down for a 45-minute FB chat consult and strategy session. Here, I'll ask you questions to pull out the sticky parts of your story, critical turning points in your business, and your customers' desires.
  • Most of those FB chat sessions eventually become me getting to know you. We become friends. Then, VOLIA! you have an About page. How did that happen?
  • Bonus: Don't have your Call-to-action and opt-in freebie yet? No problemo. Let's sit down and figure out what your customers want.
  • Get your About page up on your website in 5 days


"Sales Page Ninja"

10x your revenue and make money while you sleep!

  • This is your long form sales page for your "bread and butter" program, product, or service. Most optimal for $197 products and higher.
  • Let's engage in a 60-minute FB consult. Let's get inside your customer's head, nail down the language they use, get to know your own experience in relation to what you're selling.
  • Send me information on the features and details of your product afterward.
  • Get your sales page up and start 10x-ing your sales in a matter of 10 days!


"Sales Sequence Ninja"

Be intentional in building trust. Let the sales roll in after a few days.

  • This is your long form sales page for your "bread and butter" signature program, product, or service. Most optimal for $197+ products.
  • Let's engage in a 90-minute FB consult. Let's get inside your customer's head, nail down the language they use, and get to know your own experience in relation to what you're selling.
  • Send me information on the features and details of your product afterward.
  • Bonus1 free short-form sales landing page for your email sequence. I know you'll need this; I mean, how else are they gonna opt-in?  Email sequences are usually 7 emails.
  • Start converting more subscribers into customers a matter of 10 days! Whaaat?!!


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