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#1 Your Irresistible Freebie Action Plan (Workbook)

Your action plan to lay out the nitty gritty behind-the-scenes details of your opt-in freebie. The plan includes all the steps you need to take to do quick market research, write landing page copy, design your freebie, and set up your email service provider. Never guessed that there are so many components to creating a freebie?

Well, this action plan will set your mind free… where you can focus on creation and not let any small detail slip through the cracks.

#2 50 Freebie Ideas Galore (Cheatsheet)

50 ideas for freebies packed into one cheatsheet. Don’t tell anyone that your freebie can be molded into 50 different forms.

Say what?!

Never run out of inspiration no matter what stage of list growth you’re in.

#3 Your Branded PDF (Checklist)

Don’t look cookie-cutter. A checklist reminder that helps you brand every single PDF that all the eyeballs in the Internet world see.

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