4 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners That Will Add Value to Your Brand

Blog Post Ideas for Beginners #heyjudess #bloggingforbeginners

Have you ever read a blog post only to get to the end and realize, “So what’s the takeaway here?” Most content out there doesn’t seem to have a purpose. Or maybe you’re like me and you just scan it first before you ever read anything fully.

If you feel like this person isn’t adding value to your life, you’re bailing. I know it can hurt when you can’t retain any of your readers. So today I’m going to talk about four blog post ideas you can create that will instantly add value to your brand.

Let’s dive in.

#1 Make someone’s life easier.

Making someone’s life easier will instantly add value to your brand. The truth is, people are always looking for a shortcut to do things because they’re busy. Ever wondered why LifeHack articles are so popular?

There’s a reason.

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, you should always be in the outlook to make your readers and customers life easier. They’re paying for the shortcut. For example, if you’re in the DIY party crafts niche, you want to show people the easiest way to DIY their kid’s B-day party.

A few ways to make someone’s life easier is:

  • Simplify an existing process for them
  • Create a checklist to streamline a certain action for them
  • Share a tool or app that can help them organize or sort out a process
  • Create a video so they can learn visually, step-by-step (I do this in my training courses so my students can watch over my shoulder as I do the work. When they see it in real time, they’re much more likely to get to work.)

A few blog post ideas for this method is:

  • Watch this Video and learn how to DIY patchwork for your denim jackets
  • Take this checklist grocery shopping and never forget anything again

#2 Help them save money.

I do believe that you need to spend money to make money online. You want to have skin in the game, you need to take the learning shortcut, and you need to be fully immersed in your blog. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help them save where they need to save.

For example, I talk about blogging and teach people how to start a blog here. I always recommend that new bloggers commit to a 3-year plan with Bluehost because you save more money in the long run by paying more upfront. Since blogging goes by so quickly, you don’t always want to be dealing with hosting costs anyway.

The only time I’ll be careful of using this is attracting people who will never be customers and are ONLY interested in saving money. For instance, if you’re in the coupon collecting niche, this is something to beware of.

A few blog post ideas for this method is:

  • Pay for 2 Year of Leadpages Upfront and Save $200 (That’s Getting Four Months Free!)
  • Build a Minimalistic Wardrobe and Save Thousands of Dollars Every Year

#3 Help them save time.

This is similar to simplifying a process of making their lives easier, but when you’re helping people save time, it’s more specific.

A few ways you can help people save time are:

  • You’re offering a service and you’re helping busy entrepreneurs lift things off their plate so they can stay in their zone of genius (e.g., web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, sales funnel strategist)
  • You created a piece of scheduling software that helps bloggers save time (e.g., Boardbooster, Tailwind, Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.)
  • You created a course that will help cut the time it takes to learn a new topic

A few blog post ideas for this method is:

  • Hire a Designer and Save 100 Hours Worth of Frustration and Headaches from Deciding How Your Website Should Look
  • How Boardbooster Completely Streamlines and Automates My Pinterest Marketing (and Saves Me 5 Hours Each Week!)
  • How My Course, Blog Successfully, Can Help You Launch Your Blog in 2 Weeks! (This is a real product that exists on my website!)

#4 Help people make/create something.

By helping someone make/create something that they want in their life, you are automatically adding value to their life. Make sure you keyword research this beforehand so that you’re creating something that people actually want. You can learn how to do that in the article below.

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A few blog post ideas for this method is:

  • How to create a capsule wardrobe
  • How to make bath bombs
  • How to create a vision board

Final Words

Notice that to look like an expert and to add value to your brand, I didn’t mention that you have to talk about a brand new topic. You simply share your own proven perspective of what has worked for you.

Now a recap of the blog post ideas that will make you look like an expert:

  • Make someone’s life easier by simplifying a process
  • Show someone how they can save money
  • Show someone how they can save time
  • Teach someone how to make/create something they want

You should definitely try all four of these at one point or another. But take small steps and begin with one of the four.

Now that you have some blog post ideas, how are you going to add value to your brand?

Now it’s your turn!

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