How to Use Mind Mapping to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

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There’s lots of questions about how to plan out your blog post content. What format do you follow?

Do you do your research?

Do you write from personal experience or do Internet research and use outside examples to support what you write? Or both?

I’ll tell you I do my fair share of Facebook groups research or SEO keyword searches to see what topics people love to ask about.

We’ll save that for another day. Today I’ll show you how I outline a blog post because I dive into the actual writing process. This is my mind mapping technique of doing a quick audit of how much my stream of consciousness know.

There is this famous quote by Abraham Lincoln that says, “If you give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Here’s why you should sketch out your blog posts before…

I initially wanted to write this as a blog post, but quickly realized that it’s much more efficient to film my thinking process and show you why I do this in the video.

Just click play below to watch the video.

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How to Use Mind Mapping to Create Blog Posts That People Want to Read | Blogging for Beginners

Now it’s your turn!

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