How to Find Your Blogging Voice (With Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of Before)

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Let’s face it… if you’re writing a blog, having a clear and consistent voice matters. The last thing you want to do it is be all over the place and confuse your readers with who you really are. So today, we’re going to deep dive about having a blogging voice.

Now your blogging message and your blogging voice are slightly different. Your message is WHAT you want to tell them and your voice is HOW you’re going to do it.

Here at my blog, I go for a conversational, casual, but straightforward tone. And you’ll be surprised, even with that tone, I still manage to get most of my blog posts to 1500-2500 words.

Now you might be thinking, so I have to adopt your tone too if I want to get to the point fast?

No, of course not.

Your blogging voice is going to be slightly different based on your experiences, books you read, friends you have, and the stream of consciousness.

My tone works for me because it helps me relay my message to my peeps without hitting around the bush. My fellow bloggers are busy millennials and moms that have a job outside of starting and growing their blogs so straightforward keeps them coming back.

Also, I try my best to make my paragraphs short and my font readable. This keeps things bite-sized (just like mini Oreo cookies) and practical so they can start taking action as soon as they learn something.

Now back to you, there are five steps for you to find your blogging voice:

  • Start by imitating your favorite writers
  • Add personality
  • Be opinionated
  • Start building a word bank

Let’s dive in so you can stop being that blogger without a voice.

#1 Start finding your blogging voice by imitating your favorite writers.

By writers, I don’t mean only fiction writers. To be honest, I haven’t read a fiction book in years. All books I’ve read in the last 3-4 years were all personal development or business books.

First off, you want to start refining your blogging voice by reading more. When your subconscious starts to soak in the writer’s style, this can help you communicate your message clearer.

Now there aren’t exact techniques that I use or follow when I read another person’s work. I simplify tell myself “Wow, I love this. I guess I can try this style out.” Or, I tell myself, “Wow, this is so confusing. I’m never going to do this.”

When finding a writer’s style you like, go with your gut. If the writer can’t transfer a message to your head seamlessly, she’s probably not the one you’re looking for anyway.

I learn most things by imitating first (including learning a new language) before I refine it into my own style. Think of all the things you’ve tried imitating from watching TV.

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Start re-reading some of your own books and see why you like that particular style.

#2 Create your blogging voice by adding personality and building excitement.

This goes without saying, but building excitement is one of my weaknesses.

What?! (You might say.)

But it’s true. Sometimes I’m always moving forward that I forget my people aren’t always motivated the way I am. And people like it when you meet them where they are first.

But let’s talk about adding personality to your blog writing first.

What defines personality?

Now don’t freak out just yet (ha!), I’m not going to go into a lecture on personality. I mean there are entire courses out there on personality (I took one on Personality Theory in college).

A few things that makeup personality that you want to inject into your writing are:

  • Your attitude
  • Your tone
  • Your humor

All these things intersect at some point, I know, so I don’t want you to overcomplicate it. My best advice is to write like you talk. That’s the easiest way to let your attitude, tone, and humor all seep through at once without even trying.

If you like what you read on my blog, I’m simply pulling from my stream of consciousness and experience.

I don’t plan ahead. As I write, I throw out a funny joke or analogy sometimes. Other times, I drop a lame one.

But because my voice has been refined for so long, sitting down to write becomes so natural.

Now let’s move on to the second part of this step: creating excitement.

Whatever message you convey, you want to create excitement and anticipation. You don’t need to do it for every blog post, email, or social media post you write, but you want to do it every now and then.

For example, if you’re launching a blog or a new product, that goes without saying. You definitely want to build excitement.

Now creating excitement doesn’t come naturally to me because it takes a lot for me to be excited about something. That said, it’s not as hard as you think either. Here are a few ways you can generate excitement and build anticipation:

  • Share a surprising fact or statistic
  • Share a story with twists and turns — and be authentic about it
  • Do a giveaway and remind people of what’s in it for them

Again, you can learn how to do this by reverse engineering some exciting moments in your life. How can you write a story based on that?

If you’re not excited about your topic, it’s hard to get other people excited.


Feelings are contagious — and especially good vibes!

My final tip for writing with personality is to keep your tone positive. It’s okay to share your struggles and authentic self, but don’t be overly negative in your blog writing.

#3 Let your opinions come to light in your blogging voice.

The surefire way to lose your blogging voice is to not share your opinions about your topic at all.

Why is that so?

Because there are so many people doing the same thing and blogging about the same thing, you need to take a stance on something.

It’s okay to ruffle some feathers and alienate a few people as long as what you’re saying is backed up by experience. Don’t be devil’s advocate just for the sake of it.

For example, there are two topics that are debatable in my niche. They are whether you need to grow an email list to be profitable and whether you need to niche down. I know, the “niche” thing is so meta.

Now my stance is pretty clear on those topics, but not everyone has to agree. And it’s okay if they disagree and leave a comment on my blog saying so. It helps with my engagement anyway.

The second way to show your stance on something is to side with your audience’s enemy. For instance, in my niche, many people are trying to make blogging work for them. So our common enemy is our 9-5 jobs/bosses.

#4 Create a word bank for your blogging voice.

This one is fun, but not mandatory. I’m sure many bloggers don’t have this and if you do, you’re definitely going to stand out and be remembered!

Now, what’s a word bank?

It’s simply a list of words and/or phrases that you reuse in your blog writing. It defines your brand and when someone reads something from you, they shriek, “Oh yeah, that’s totally something she’ll say!”

Now I keep mine in Trello for reference, but your word bank can simply be words that you use often. I don’t want to try too hard to come up with your word bank. For example, a few words you might see me use on my blog and Pinterest pins are “conquer”, “ninja”, and “brave.”

This instantly alienates bloggers who are lazy and faint-of-heart but draws in people who are brave and ready to get to work.

I didn’t try too hard to come up with this and you shouldn’t need to. Once you’ve done the first three steps above, the word bank will come quite naturally.

Now that you know how to find your blogging voice, what’s your biggest takeaway today?

Now it’s your turn!

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