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Hey there! You must be lurking around for blogging tips. In this area, you’ll find everything including, tips for start and grow your blog effectively without pulling your hair out about the tech that’s already killing all your brain cells.

How to Find Your Blogging Voice #heyjudess #bloggingforbeginners

How to Find Your Blogging Voice (With Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of Before)

Let’s face it… if you’re writing a blog, having a clear and consistent voice matters. The last thing you want to do it is be all over the place and confuse your readers with who you really are. So today, we’re going to deep dive about having a blogging voice.
Now your blogging message and your blogging voice are slightly different. Your message is WHAT you want to tell them and your voice is HOW you’re going to do it.


New Workshop: Blog Successfully


Today’s post is a little different. Instead of the usual how-to post, I’m announcing a little something for those of you…

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