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Hey! Ever wonder how you read an article online and immediately connected to the writer? It’s because of copywriting! In this section, you’ll find everything about copywriting tips, including how to write the main pages for your website, how to do market research on your ideal client and write a sales page that converts!

7 Blogging Resources & Tools That Rocked My Blog in 2017

7 Blogging Resources, Tools, & Investments That Rocked My World in 2017

Hey’all, I’m back for an end-of-the-year post. I love these types of posts, both reading others and writing my own.

Last week I wrote a very brave letter to my email list about the biggest and MOST important blogging lessons I’ve learned in 2017. In that letter, I shared some of my biggest fears, vulnerabilities, and shortcomings.

I thought about reposting that on my blog (that email was almost 2000 words!), but I’m just keeping that a secret between me and…

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