6 Reasons Every Blogger Need an Email List from Day One

6 Reasons Every Blogger Need an Email List From Day 1 | Grow Your Email List | List Building

You probably heard of it before. You need an email list if you want to sell your own products or keep in touch with your audience.

It’s unlike social media where you’re always turning on the hamster wheels.

Having an email list means there’s an audience I can launch my product to: like with the Blog Successfully workshop.

1| You own your email list.

This is probably the #1 reason why I started to grow a list.

Remember why you shouldn’t use a free service like WordPress.com to host your blog?

It’s the same reason why you want to grow your own email list.

Because you DON’T OWN any of the social media channels, once an algorithm changes, you’ll have to scramble to re-build your social strategy otherwise you risk losing your reach.

But with email, you own your list and whenever there’s a new announcement, new product launch, or new update, your list can be the first to know.

That isn’t to say social media isn’t important, it is. You need a place to rally your people and social media is the place where people will find your blog.

But once you’ve acquired those people, you want a more effective way to communicate with them — and that’s through email. Because they opted into your email, they’ve given you permission to email them.

And how great does that feel?

2| You can directly reach your people via email whenever YOU want.

When you publish a new blog post.

When you’re about to go LIVE on Facebook!

When you’re inviting them to a webinar.

When you launch a new product.

When you launch a new fundraiser.

When you launch an entire new business.

You can let them know immediately! And it’s the people who have given you permission to email them who are most likely to care. Once you have that initial audience, the updates you can send them are endless.

Though you might want to stay on brand for the most part.

3| Email is personal.

I’m an introvert and being on social media for too long burns me out. And unless I’m having a conversation with someone, I can’t justify the time I spent on the platforms.

But I’ve grown to love emailing my list and adding those personal touches. Even though everyone knows it’s a mass email (or at least a segment of people is getting those emails), people love hearing their own name.

And when I do, I’m definitely more inclined to open it. My heart kinda jumps a little and I’m like, “Wait this blogger is emailing me personally?!”

Action Tip: Whenever you email your subscribers, don’t forget to add personalization. When you’re growing your list, remember to add the “name” field to collect their names first and foremost.

4| Email converts people into customers better than blog posts.

Despite what people think, blog posts and emails aren’t that much different. I mean, I keep a consistent and conversational brand voice on both my blog posts and emails.

I mean, hopefully, since you’re speaking to the same person right?

So if emails and blog posts are very similar and if you write a blog, you should definitely start an email list, why do emails convert better than blog posts?

First, you can be more personal and address your subscriber by name like I mentioned earlier. And who doesn’t like being addressed by name?

Second and most importantly, you can send “automated sequences” to your subscribers. And you can never do that with blog posts. Even if you publish 90 posts, when someone visits your blog, they won’t read all of them the same day. And if they clicked away from your blog and forget to come back, then what happens?

You just missed out on a potential raving fan!

But with email, you can setup automated sequences that send new subscribers a certain sequence every time they opt-in to a specific freebie. This not only keep your brand top of mind but if you have a product or service to sell at the end of 5-7 days, this is the perfect time to make the pitch and lock down the sale.

Remember, the basic marketing rule is that people have to be exposed to something 7x before they make a purchase.

If a new visitor lands on your blog and reads 1-2 blog posts in no particular order, they may or may not come back to your blog. You won’t really know what actions that particular person took.

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5| You can segment and send specific emails to different people.

If you don’t have a list yet, you might not feel concerned about this. But if you blog about more than one topic (and unless you have a super niched blog, I’m talking to you), you want to know what problems a specific group of people have.

Here’s an experiment I did (though I didn’t do it on purpose):

I emailed my entire list a newsletter on “how to survive your first 6 months of blogging” (the subject line was somewhere along those lines). My normal unsubscription rate is the industry standard, ~1%. That means for every 100 subscribers you have, about 1 person will unsubscribe from your emails. But for that particular email I sent, I had an opt out rate of 2.8%, which is almost 3x my normal rate!

Holy cow!

So naturally, I looked into why that happened. And one of my hypotheses I came up with is that some of the people who are on my list isn’t at the first 6 months of blogging. They might be a year or two into their journey so they aren’t concerned with surviving the first 6 months of blogging.

And that’s my point. When you’re writing a blog, it’s hard to segment your readers and know who and how many are interested in what. But with an email list, you not only get insights into who is interested in what, but you can send them emails that will help them accomplish their goals.

People on my list are at different stages of their blogging journey. This means I’m not going to send someone an email about “how to survive your first 6 months of blogging” if they’re interested in “how to create their first email sequence.”

Now that you know these segments, you can setup automated email sequences to the right people AND SOLVING THE RIGHT PROBLEM AT THE RIGHT TIME.

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6 Reasons Every Blogger Need an Email List From Day 1 | Grow Your Email List | List Building

6| It’s called building a relationship.

This last one is my favorite. Combined with the personal touch I talked about above, I find it hard to build a relationship with anyone on social media because it’s such a “noisy” place where everyone kinda airs their dirty laundry.

Ever been in a Facebook group?

Yeah, that’s what I mean. I kinda banned myself from even logging into Facebook for at least two months. I lifted the ban a couple of weeks ago, haha.

But that aside, social media is a good place to meet people and catch their attention to click through to your blog. I find it hard to build a meaningful relationship in a 140-characters tweet or a Instagram photo that speaks louder than 1000 words.

I love Instagram for its visuals, but you know… it’s not email.

Are you ready to grow your email list?




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