7 Pinterest Board Ideas That Will Attract You Boatloads of Followers

7 Pinterest Board Ideas to Crank Up Your Profile | | #heyjudess #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips

Hey guys! If you’re trying to ramp up your Pinterest account, you might be looking for some Pinterest board ideas. So today we are going to talk all about that.

If you’ve just started your Pinterest account and you’re not getting on as many group boards as you’ll like, one of the reasons is that you don’t have a healthy looking account.

What do I mean by that?

If all you did is verified your website and set up rich pins, but you never spent the time to make your account look handsome, both your followers, target audience, and people in your niche won’t take you seriously.

Believe it or not, there’s more to Pinterest boards than you think. Having relevant Pinterest boards can help you get found on Pinterest’s search engine. We’ll talk about all that on our Pinterest board ideas below! Most of these are ideas I’ve tried and tested and I’m going to tell you all about my experiences with them.

So let’s dive in, okay?

#1 Create a Pinterest board for every blog category you have.

If you have just started a blog, got all your content ready and your categories all laid out, this is the simplest way to go about creating Pinterest boards. Having 3-5 categories on your blog is best. Any more than five, it might confuse search engines on what your blog is all about.

When you’re first starting to build your Pinterest boards, start with about five boards. I know it’s tempting to build 20 boards when you’re just getting started because all the top accounts on Pinterest have at least 20 boards.

For example, if you have a food blog with categories like:

  • Paleo diet
  • Healthy foods
  • Fancy cuisine
  • Home cooked meals on a budget
  • Best culture foods

Okay, I just made that list up because I’m no food expert. But let’s say those are your blog categories. Then you can absolutely turn those into your first five Pinterest boards.

Now, there is a technique that you want to follow when creating Pinterest board titles. It’s going to be idea #3 so read on.

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#2 Create Pinterest boards around blog topics.

Just like blog categories, you can create your Pinterest boards around your blog topics. Now you might ask, “What’s the difference between blog categories and blog topics? I thought blog topics make up my blog categories. Isn’t that so?”

You’re right. They’re quite similar but you can have more blog topics that you have blog categories. For example, on my blog, I have topics about copywriting, sales pages, website copy, etc. These are all topics that are relevant to bloggers at some point in their journey, but they don’t make up a large part of what my blog is about.

In fact, these were topics that I wrote about when I offered copywriting services. But because they can still be relevant to bloggers (my current audience), I didn’t unpublish them from the archives.

When you reach a point where you don’t have any more categories to create Pinterest boards on, you can try thinking in terms of blog topics. For instance, I use to have a Pinterest board called “copywriting tips for bloggers” and “blog design.” You’ll find both of these topics on my blog, but they’re not major topics I write about.

Relevancy is still most important and keeps your niche in mind when creating Pinterest boards, but you can also think about complementary topics around your main niche.

#3 Create Pinterest boards around SEO keywords.

Now this one is the most important one of all!

You probably have heard of SEO, but if you haven’t… it stands for search engine optimization.

And what is that?

Just like when you’re creating blog content, you don’t have to go out and look for your readers. Your readers will come and find you! If you take a look at the Pinterest platform, you’ll see that when you search for something, you can sort by pins, people, or boards.

So let’s say someone searched “healthy meals” in the search engine and sort by boards, your goal is to get your board to rank first.

Pinterest board ideas | #heyjudess #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips

Ideally, you don’t want to come up with board titles called “funzy home cooked meals” because people won’t be searching for something like that. For God’s sake, “funzy” is probably a word you just made up. So you really want to use Pinterest search engine and see what words your ideal client avatar is typing into the search engine.

Having creative and on-brand Pinterest group boards is fun. But if you don’t SEO optimize your boards, you’ll be missing out on both Pinterest followers and traffic who will be finding you through search engines.

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#4 Create Pinterest boards with both broad and “niched” keywords.

When you’re brainstorming for Pinterest board ideas, you want to think of both broad and niched keywords. The best way to talk about this is to give you an example so we’re going to use the healthy foods niche we talked about earlier.

A broad category in the health and wellness niche would be “healthy food.” This is a keyword someone who is trying to eat healthier in the new year will type into the search engine. I know that because I was one of those people last week. Hehe.

But if you type that into the Pinterest search engine and sort by boards, there are probably over 100+ results with the same keyword.


It’s an easy keyword to come up with and it’s also a short keyword (anything with less than two words).

Now you might ask, “what’s a niched keyword.”

A “nicher” keyword (since nicher is relative) would be something like “healthy meals on a budget” or “healthy Thai food.”

Notice that besides healthy food, people may be looking for healthy food in specific cuisines or healthy food on a budget. Try going down the rabbit hole and see what you can come up with both using the Pinterest search engine and your own detective mind.

Why do you want to have both broad and niched keywords?

Broader keywords are usually more competitive, meaning they have more searches, but also more bloggers who want to rank for them. So you can’t always rely on them. On the other hand, niched keywords might not have as many searches, but it’s more relevant to the people who are searching for them.

That’s why when coming up with Pinterest board ideas, you want your Pinterest profile to cover both bases: broad and niched keywords.

#5 Create a Pinterest board for “The Best of…”

Now if you have been on the Pinterest block for a while, you can certainly create a board called “The Best of…” It’s really just a Pinterest board collection of all your top performing pins.

Any pin that has lots of repins or drives lots of traffic to your website can be placed on this board. Now the purpose of this Pinterest board isn’t so that you can be found on search engines. More so, if anyone checks out your profile, they will immediately want to know what are the most popular pins on your board.

Think of all the times you shopped online and you clicked on “Best Sellers.” People naturally find it helpful to have a curation of items that others like and it helps them streamline their decision-making process.

When you use this board, it usually attracts two types of people. The first type is people who are in your niche. Although they’re not your target audience most of the time, they might be looking for stuff to repin. When you already curated a board of popular pins for them, it makes it easy for them to repin your stuff.

The second group is your target readers! These people are probably beginning to get invested in your brand and they want to know what pins and articles your current audience already loves!

#6 Create a Pinterest group board for your blog.

Yo, if you’re using Pinterest for your blog, create a board that contains your own pins! This board will and should include all your pins for your blog articles.

If a potential target reader finds your Pinterest profile, they might hop on over to your profile and see what other articles they’re interested in. To make this board stand out from the rest, make sure to name it properly. It’s best to name it after your own blog name so people don’t get confused. You can also include in parentheses “my blog” to make it clear to people.

How is this board different from your boards from blog categories?

The main difference is that this particular board only houses your own pins. The other boards that are based on categories and topics and can house a mix of both your pins and other people’s pins.

If you’re a blogger, this isn’t an optional Pinterest board idea. It’s a must-have to organize your profile!

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#7 Create Pinterest boards on complementary topics to your niche.

Now, this last idea gets a little bit more fun.

You can finally think outside the box a little. Also, a lot of people ask me if it’s better to keep their old personal boards on their Pinterest business account or create a new account for your blog business?

My take on this is clear and this is what I’ve done:

Step 1: After upgrading to a FREE business account, I made all my personal boards a secret board so I can keep all the followers on my account. When I say “personal boards”, I mean boards that give me inspiration and ideas like “hair ideas” and “minimalistic style.”

Step 2: I created new boards that are only relevant to my target audience. You can go take a look for yourself.

Step 3: Keep any boards that will be relevant to my target audience.

Now here’s the deal. I did have a few personal boards that were also relevant to my target audience. One of them was “girlboss quotes.” I was a huge collector of motivational quotes even before I started this blog.

But you’ll notice that I rarely, if ever, post about quotes on my blog. And most of the quotes on my Pinterest account doesn’t lead to articles on my blog either. My point here is, not every board on your Pinterest account has to be directly related to your niche. Most of them should though.

You can have 2-3 boards that contain your own interests but also happens to be relevant to your audience. For example, “home office” or “travel while working” would complement my niche well because bloggers like you might be interested in how my home office would look (not Instagram perfect just so you know haha — and that’s why I don’t have a board for it lol).

Likewise, blogging only requires a laptop and Internet connection so I can work from anywhere. So adding a travel board can build inspiration for other bloggers who want to work independently.

If you remember correctly, I have a board called “minimalistic style” because that’s what I like to wear. Not that’s a bit try hard to add it to my Pinterest profile because not all bloggers dig my personal style. But if I rename the board to “Work at home fashion” that would be more relevant!

You see? A little tweak can create more relevancy.

When creating boards the most important thing is to build Pinterest boards that resonate with your ideal client avatar. You want them to go, “Oh my god! Why didn’t I find this site earlier? She is writing everything just for me!”

Creating your Pinterest boards should be fun so don’t overthink it. Try and test all these ideas!

Now that you have seven Pinterest board ideas, which idea are you going to get started on?

Until next time,



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