Real Chat: Oct 2017 – How to Get Past Your Fear of Going Live on Facebook

How to get past your fear of going live on Facebook | Facebook Live Tips

Hey there!

Welcome back to another round of #RealChat here on the blog. This is an ongoing series where I give you a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes, including:

  • What went well this month
  • What I could’ve done better
  • Most popular blog post of the month
  • One word to describe this month
  • New projects for the next month
  • What you can take away from this month?

Let’s dive in, shall we?

What went well

1| I started a new Facebook community to connect like-minded and action-oriented peeps together! I felt like October just breezed by this month and most of my efforts were spent engaging my current email list. To really get to know my peeps better, I launched a new Facebook group.

I know what you might be thinking, “Another one of those.”

On the surface that might seem so. And I really didn’t gravitate towards the Facebook group idea in the beginning, especially since there were so many groups I’m part of. And really, there’s tons of them in my niche already. So what is the point of even having one?

If you want to understand why I started a Facebook group, I go deeper about that here.

But it really boils down to this:

  • It’s difficult to get to know you just through email + newsletter. I think an email list and a community serves two different purposes. Email is direct and gets my point across, but it’s only in a community group setting where people can get a more authentic and transparent feel of who you really are.
  • I was getting quite lonely. I really needed connection with other bloggers and being in other people’s FB groups are great, but hosting your own is another level of fun-ness!

One of the biggest things I had to overcome is that I didn’t want to manage a Facebook group. I thought it was going to be a lot of work. Maybe for a large group, that is. But for a small group, it’s awesome! There’s no spam nor negative energy.

Zero, nilch, nada.

*confetti falls

To hold myself accountable, I try to limit myself to less than 30 minutes a day total in the group. I log in 3x a day during the morning, afternoon, and evening to check if anything or anyone needs my attention. That’s not including the days where I held a live challenge, of course. More about that in a bit.

The second fear I had was that a small group will be awkward because no one was speaking up. While some people have been more active than others, I love how some of you have been so open in there!

I feel like I can know you way better than I can ever know you when you’re were just subscribed to my email list. Communities are truly where people talk like real humans. Heck yes!

No regrets on starting the group even though I did expected more people to join based on my email list size. Want in? Request to join for free and also get access to the replays of my 5-day live challenge inside. 

2 | I launched a live challenge inside my group. Building off the new Facebook group momentum, I knew I had to do something to get the ball rolling. Just starting a group simply isn’t enough because there are tons of similar Facebook groups out there.

Then somewhere in a snap of a second, I got the idea of hosting a 5-day live challenge inside my group. I made it clear that the live challenge was only available inside my group. Also, I chose a topic that many people on my email list needed help with — staying motivated and setting blogging goals.

I did get a lot more people to join the group because of the challenge, but most importantly, I loved seeing familiar faces show up at the challenge day after day.

This makes me feel like it’s not all about the large numbers. On some level, large numbers matter. But since my goal of the Facebook group was to “increase engagement” anyway, I felt like I hit my goal in terms of getting people to come back. The challenge was about “How to Triple Your Productivity in 30 Days” and a few people even started to set goals on the spot. Talk about a home run. Yay!

After all, if people are engaged, they will show up for more right?

Conquering my fear of going live.

Whether it’s doing webinars, scopes, Instagram stories, Facebook lives, or whatever the latest trendy social platform is, I was afraid of GOING LIVE.

For the longest time, I can’t understand why I was. I’m not afraid of giving presentations in real life or having one-on-one conversations with clients at all. So what is it with live video that always gets me?

I still don’t know. But for those of you who are still afraid of going live, it’s not as fearful as you think. First and foremost, you’re not exactly standing in front of an auditorium and giving a speech (e.g., a Ted Talk). When you’re going live, it’s actually just you looking into your camera — like how you would when you take a selfie.

Like easy peasy, right?

I suppose the part that trips most people up is knowing that there is someone watching on the other side of the screen. Maybe you’re afraid of being judged? Maybe you think you’re not a good public speaker? Maybe you don’t like the sound of your voice?

In fact, I had a whole list of fears before I went live:

  • Was my face too round?
  • What if I forget my next sentence, stutter and make a fool of myself?
  • What if people tune out and check the next thing on their Facebook feed?
  • What if no one shows up?

And let me tell you. All of those things happened!

Looking back, what it came down to was that writing blog posts didn’t really help me grow anymore. And if I wanted to grow or connect with you in a deeper way, I had to do something differently. For me, what it came down to was realizing that there was something I feared more than going live as a human: and that’s stagnation and a lack of growth!

And I feel like I know my people a lot more in these 2 weeks than I did in the last few months. The power of a real video connection is not to be underestimated.

I know I’m definitely not the only person who fear going live, which is why I made it an effort to write a longer post on this topic. A few days ago, I saw this comment on a Facebook group and here’s my honest reply on how to get past your fear.

Thinking back, I could’ve easily done a live once a week to grow the group, but instead I chose to do it 5 days in a row, which really helped me feel more confident doing it. Every single day, I felt a lot more comfortable because I found a pace and structure that works for me.

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What I could’ve done better

1 | Failed to start a YouTube channel. So that I got the good stuff out of the way, let’s talk about the things that didn’t go so well.

Late last month, I made an effort to start a YouTube channel, but as you know that still hasn’t come to fruition yet. The biggest roadblock for me is not knowing how want to structure my videos.

I know that sounds like such an excuse, but I can only try better this month. *shrugs

2| Not following my plans. I talk a lot about productivity and goal-setting on this blog, but I felt like I’ve been setting too many goals. Focus wasn’t my best skill this month and it’s definitely been more of a spontaneous month than I’ve ever thought.

As you can probably see from above, it seemed like I just launched one thing after another and just dived head in without much thought first.

Most of the time, I over plan, so this month has definitely been a lot more fun than previous months.

Most popular blog post of the month

How to Get Shit Done Even When You’re Unmotivated (This is not your typical tips, tricks and hacks post. It’s an entire success story of how I did it.)

And here’s what a reader said about that post:

One word to describe this month: Spontaneous, definitely. What else did you expect? Ha!

New projects for next month

  • Plan a weekend bootcamp for new bloggers? Maybe, I have something in mind.
  • Do weekly lives inside my Facebook group.
  • Try the YouTube channel idea again. (Good luck to me)
  • Do one thing that scares me that’s blogging-related (I have no idea what this is yet)

What you can take away from this?

Some people dive head in on a new project and some people like to think, plan, wait, and sit on the fence about it. They know they’re interested in starting a blog or growing their audience, but they don’t take any action.

During the first few months of starting this blog, I was definitely more of a planner and I sat on so many ideas and plans. Ultimately, I never felt as excited about doing those things as I was about what happened this month.

Because of this, I want to make it a personal goal of mine to do one thing that scares me each month. The things that makes you scared are often times excite you the most. Those are the things that are truly worth pursuing because they make you feel SO ALIVE.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, I felt like this month flew by so fast and that’s probably one of the reasons why.

And what can you take away from this?

Make plans, but don’t let those plans hold you back if you feel like you’re ready to do something else. A lot of the times, what you’re afraid to do and what you want to do means crossing one simple line.

And there can be so many unexpected surprises on the other side of the fence.

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How to get past your fear of going live on Facebook | Facebook Live Tips




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  1. Kimi

    November 6, 2017

    Thanks for sharing this! My boyfriend is a realtor and is struggling with the FB Live stomach twists too! I’ll definitely have him read this so he know he’s not the only one with those fears.

    • Judy from Talence

      November 6, 2017

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Kimi! I hope this can help your boyfriend. 🙂

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