3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Sales From Your Sales Page

3 Reasons You're Not Getting Sales on Your Sales Page

Sales can be an icky subject for those people who are afraid to ask for the sale. But let’s face it. Without your sales page or sales sequence, you can’t afford to be in business anymore. That’s just the nature of how business works. Today, let’s talk about three common reasons why your sales page isn’t converting customers.

But crafting an intentional sales page that strikes a chord with your people isn’t as difficult as it looks. One of the most common things I get asked for writing copy is, “Can you help me spruce this up?” I can, but I don’t think that’s the most important thing.

Brand personality or copy voice is certainly one part of the equation. When done right, it can make your story sticky and more memorable. But customers buy when you connect and empathize with their frustrations — and not when you provide a ton of fluff that only sounds interesting.

#1 You offer more than one product or service on the page.

Last week, I came across a graphic designer’s sales page. She offered services for at least seven different categories. Not three, but seven! Or more, but I forget. And I didn’t care after that.

Conversion-focused copywriting should focus on one goal per page. When you’re offering seven different types of services, it’s hard to get anyone to trust that you’re an expert on anything. Plus doesn’t it take forever to do your phone and email consults? Not to mention that marketing your services must be an entire bucket of work.

This graphic designer can narrow down her services into three categories. For example, if you charge by the hour, you can have three pricing tiers that clients can choose from. If you charge per project, narrow it down to your three most requested projects.

#2 It lacks empathy and customer focus.

When I write copy for clients, one of the first things I ask is, “Who is your audience? Who are your customers?” A common (and disappointed) answer I hear is “anyone interested in (insert their niche here).” Now I don’t know if they just don’t have a good grasp of language and articulation or they have done zero market research. This means they haven’t lurked around on Facebook groups, public forums, Quora, or Reddit.

When you’re selling something, you must be empathetic. And in today’s open and transparent world, doing market research can’t be easier. While most people still aren’t open about their numbers, they’re open to free feedback and help. Online communities are where people are the most vulnerable, open, and authentic. Take advantage of that — and search the questions and frustrations people are having in relation to your niche. Then mirror your customers’ language so they know your sales page is written just for them.

You don’t drive the market. Your customers do.

#3 It lacks personality and excitement.

I always thought of myself as a good writer. I read and edit my work out loud. My audience tells me my writing is engaging. And I’m totally bragging without shame right now.

But when I went back to read my own writing, I was like, “Wow, that’s it?” I know I should be proud of it, but I wasn’t. Or not really. I wanted to introduce something new, something a little more exciting. More badass. And more fun. So a few weeks ago, I introduced my brand personality, the “sales ninja” and “sales sidekick.”


Every copywriter out there writes sales pages. I’m a copywriter. I write sales pages. How am I different? But now I write sales copy that kicks ass. All my copywriting packages are named after a different ninja. They help you build your kickass online presence and make more sales while you hustle, sleep, or vacation away. They’re not only a sales assistant, but they’re a sales ninja. How rad is that? They are resilient, smooth, and camouflages well, but most importantly, they’re effective.

Introducing some personality into my articles has been a huge motivator. But most importantly, it makes it one heck of a lot more interesting when you’re reading my “Work with Me” page. You want your own sales sidekick too?

Are you doing these things to make your sales page stand out?


Chat soon, Judy


Hi, I'm Judy! I've owned at least four blogs over the last 10 years, from general lifestyle to skincare to blogging. Combined with my experience in digital marketing tech startup, I give away all my blogging and productivity tips and secrets that will make bloggers and creative entrepreneurs successful online.

  1. Ike Paz

    April 27, 2017

    i agree with connecting with your client and using empathy, everything should revolve around what they want and need

    • Ju | Talence

      April 30, 2017

      Thanks Ike! 🙂

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