How to Save Money as a Lifestyle Blogger

How to Save Money as a Lifestyle Blogger

Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers are amongst some of the most saturated markets and niches in the online space. Who doesn’t want to dance around to beautifully draped fabrics and call that our passion and daytime jobs? After all, we all have to wear clothes right? So why not elevate it with style?

Since lifestyle influencing is largely a product-based business, the costs can quickly add up in the beginning. We may hear good news about how big bloggers get sent a mountain of packages every day waiting outside their doors, but as a startup blogger, no one really knows you. You don’t get these perks and privileges. Yet.

Below I share with you four ways that can help you as a lifestyle blogger to save money, but still, buy whatever you want!

#1 Use Ebates and get 2-10% cash back!

It saddens me to realize that I’ve learned of this site for much longer than I’ve used it. Ebates, like it names claims, is cash back website that offers 2-10% cash back per online purchase. Every time you want to make a purchase from one of your favorite clothing or beauty stores, before checkout, see if Ebates offer any cash back for your purchase. It varies per store per day.

And the best part? It delivers you a big fat check on all your cash backs every three months. Remember, that you must click through Ebates to the retailer you want to buy from.

#2 Shop on flash sale sites like Hautelook or Gilt.

I was one of those people who jumped on the Hautelook bandwagon when the site first launched a few years ago. It’s the online equivalent of Nordstrom Rack, but with flash sale deals that end within a day or two. The website’s user interface is so clean and modern. Sadly, I didn’t have a good experience with Hautelook when I didn’t want to keep a few of my purchases. Shipping back is too much of a hassle so I stopped shopping there altogether. These days, Hautelook offers a 90-day return policy and you can return in Nordstrom Rack stores as well!

As a beauty or fashion influencer starting out, you will probably be on a budget. I’m sure even many seasoned bloggers shop here. It’s the best deal to shop high-end items if that’s the quality of style you pursue your brand. I’ve been especially stoked with the availability and frequency of Korean beauty products on the site. There is something for every micro-niche within lifestyle influencing.

If you are constantly looking for new inspiration, unlike department stores, flash sale sites are more adventurous and spontaneous with their variety!

#3 Return items that you genuinely won’t wear after your style shoot.

I would use this one rarely though I’ve heard of bloggers who return certain items that they only bought for photo shoots. If the piece is kept in excellent condition and you only bought it for the photo shoot, but realized you don’t want to keep it, you can always change your mind. We all know how impactful a beautiful, aspiring photo shoot is, but following the photo shoot, the piece will probably just be a collector’s item in our closets.

Is a collector’s item or cash flow more important?

#4 Join Influenster to get chosen for product marketing campaigns and free Voxboxes.

I’ve never used this platform, but have seen several bloggers credit them. I find it a bit passive when you have to be chosen to be sent a free Voxbox. Each box contains products that are suitable for your audience based on the data Influenster collected from connecting your social channels to their accounts.

The truth is, it doesn’t hurt to join and converse with other people in similar niches while you are learning how the platform works. Getting sent free products is nice to have, but having a moderate social media presence is the minimum though. Although I find this idea of being chosen first and then sent products a bit passive, you can also use it to test your level of influence and how Influenster perceive you in the space.

What ways have you tried to budget without compromising quality as a new fashion or beauty influencer?

In the upcoming three months, I will be writing especially about influencer 101, content creation for influencers, and brand collaborations. Don’t forget to check back for more updates!

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  1. Jalisa

    October 31, 2016

    Such a great post, girlie! I love all the ideas you’ve shared here, especially the one on using Ebates, which I keep forgetting to use! I have to remember because it’s a no brainer! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have the best week ahead, beauty!



    • Ju | Talence

      November 11, 2016

      Thanks Jalisa! Forgetting to use eBates happens to me all the time too. Try to add it to your bookmarks bar if you use Google Chrome. The fact that it’s right above your browser will ensure that you’ll see it when you’re online shopping. 🙂

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