4 Essentials to Get More Clients on Your Services Page Like a Boss

Oh hi! Have your heard? As a copy ninja, I lurk around small business’s Services Page to see what they’ve got. Before, I was just curious what they charged. But these days, it’s really to analyze their copy and see how perky… or bored I get from reading their services page. Sorry, but if you read on, you’ll know what I mean.

When you are trying to launch your website and use it as your most important online asset to attract clients, you are probably stoked to have your own little baby. After you have the pricing, drafts and internal processes nailed down, you are ready to spring forward to touch people’s souls with your packages. You know you will get booked out immediately. But wait, writing doesn’t come as easily as you thought. As a creative, you have a million thoughts vying for your attention. So which thoughts do you filter out and which ones do you publish to the web?

Not the “what if” and “would they need to know this” thoughts, of course.

So let’s go ahead and talk about the essentials you’ll need to get more clients on your Services Page like a boss!

#1 Get a crystal clear picture of your audience, customers, or client profile.

Your audience, customers, or clients, these are the people you serve. If you have multiple streams of revenue (oh, you overachiever), you might even refer to these terms interchangeably. Whether you decide to DIY your website copy or work with a copy ninja (Ahem, I mean copywriter, if you’re new to my site) like a real boss, you need to nail this before you pick up your pen.

Having launched several websites myself, if there’s one thing I’ll recommend, it’s to get to know your own value in relation to your audience before anything else. Having a website is just an extension of your value proposition. Having a website won’t help you get more traffic (something my readers always struggle with). But — knowing your audience will help you attract the right people. Oh, and turn these potential website lurkers into raving fans who are willing to pay you!¬†Have you heard?

But if you go the fancy route and work with a copy ninja, make sure she gets a good handle of your customer profile either during your Skype meeting or in a questionnaire. Even better, if you already have your ideal customer profile, shoot that one over to your copy ninja so she can really start kicking ass for ya!

#2 Front load the benefits of your services or products!

This new designer I met on a FB group asked me to take a look at her new Services Page a few days ago. One of the mistakes I immediately saw was that she focused the majority of her page on the internal process of her design services. Sure, most clients will probably want accountability and know that you have a system in place gives them peace of mind. There’s a very fine line to cross, however. Your client don’t need to know every little step you take behind the scenes. A simple, clear and memorable outline will suffice for them.

Take every nitty gritty detail and revision you go through off their mind. As a designer or any kind of service provider, your goal is to give them a smooth experience working with you. So really, what should you include on your Services Page?

Sure, they will be curious about who you are and why you qualify to do this, but the goal is to build initial rapport with them. You can always drum up interest with clients by reminding them why they need a website. Next, provide the benefits of working with you and having a website.

For example, don’t say, “At the end, you’ll get a website with a content management system installed for you.” How dry is that? My rule of thumb when it comes to writing for business is: if you won’t say that in a conversation with a new friend in a coffee shop, don’t put it on a website.¬†Because if you do, there won’t be a second coffee date, ha. Instead try saying, “Once the project is complete, you’ll be able to start connecting with a wild customer crowd who won’t be able to resist your every product release!” Aww!

You see why you should get them excited about the outcome without them having to do any of the work? Who wants to be reminded of the dreadful process they don’t even need to know to get there?

#3 When it comes to business communication, clarity and simplicity are most effective.

When it comes to business, everyone wants clarity, but many entrepreneurs aren’t capable of giving it. It’s not their fault though. As creatives, we are bombarded with a million ideas at once and without a clear strategy, it’s easy to want to implement everything at once. Sometimes you’ll be thinking that if you implement one thing on your Service Page, you’ll be missing out on everything else that can happen on the same page. So you cram in as much information as possible. Let the customer figure it out herself.

But the truth is, your readers are hardly ever going to think that. When someone clicks on your About page, they want to know more about you. When someone clicks on your Services page, they want to work with you, and when someone clicks on your Contact page, they want to collaborate with you. If they want to know something else about you, they’ll click on another page. You don’t have to serve prospects everything and your dirty first, second, and third drafts.

#4 Include a “buy now” button form or contact form for the prospect to take action.

Depending on your sales strategy, you’ll either have a “buy now” button or a contact form on your Services Page. Either way, it should prompt readers to take action. If you have a “buy now” button that’s not getting a lot of love, there are a few things to consider. Are your services too expensive? Does your Services Page not read your prospects’ mind and answer all of their objections? Or are you just not attracting enough traffic to your website to begin with?

If you’re not getting enough replies via your contact form, on the other hand, it can be for other reasons. Are your clients conservative and low-budget people who are afraid to request a quote? Sometimes a potential client will automatically assume you’re too expensive if you don’t list your prices.

4 Essentials to Get More Clients on Your Services Page Like a Boss

Whatever your business strategy is, make sure it prompts ’em to click a button. If your prospects read an engaging Services Page only to realize there isn’t a next step to take, then it’s really, “Oh boo” for them. And then they’ll click away with a sad face.

Are you getting booked out on your website? As a boss yourself, how can your Services Page be improved?

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