3 Ways to Start a Blog Without Writing

How to Blog Without Writing

How do you start a blog without writing?

Sounds impossible right?

Well… let’s see. What’s holding you back from starting a blog may just be that your talents don’t lie in writing.

And it’s okay. I know plenty of famous YouTubers who are great at speaking in front of a camera. Then one day they decided they want to launch a blog because they love writing. But they don’t make engaging writers.

Then there are those bloggers who know they should connect more with their audience. They know it’s more engaging, you can’t be someone else when it’s a live stream running. But they’re a bit camera shy and video doesn’t come as easily to them.

There is a solution to this and here are three alternatives to writing a blog without actually having to write. At some point, if you want to reach more people in your audience, you’ll want to expand to other multimedia forms. But if you think you’re a bad writer and that’s the reason holding you back from blogging, then I’ll start with what you already have talent in.

So how do you know if you’re a good writer?

I’ll be honest with you. If you’ve never liked writing or never written outside of the times a professor made you, then writing a blog might not come as easily to you. Likewise, if you don’t like taking pictures or you like to think before you speak (like me), then video will be slightly more challenging for you.

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I personally hated both at some point before I pushed myself to try it.

  • Before 9th grade, I hated writing because I didn’t know how to approach it
  • People told me I talk too fast. I didn’t really believe them but was skeptical. My brain moves fast so I talk fast. It wasn’t until I started to record myself on audio did I realize I can’t even keep up with myself on playback (lol much?) After recording the same blog post 3x, I finally found a pace that works.

But I still write more than I do video these days only because it’s a much smaller production to do so. I’ve also written at least 3 different blogs before this one.

Secondly, I don’t know how much you believe in the Myers-Briggs personality tests, but if you’re an introvert, you might sway more towards being a writer. I like to think before I speak (most of the time). But if you’re an extrovert, you might shine on camera more as the words just spill out of your mouth. And I’m like, “Whaaaah?”

Nothing is fixed when it comes to choosing a medium to deliver your content. As you get more experience and deliberately practice more, you’ll be able to move between the different forms of multimedia. I use to be much introverted, but working in recruiting and sales every day has definitely unleashed my extroverted side. I use to be about 5% extroverted while I’m about 30% now.

So what forms of media can you start with?

#1 Start a YouTube Channel and let your personality shine on video.

If video is where you can shine, start with video. For you, speaking might come easily because it’s more conversational. You can embed your videos on your blog post.

  • The great thing about YouTube is that it acts like a search engine. This means you can optimize your videos with keywords that you want to rank for both in Google and on YouTube. A few housekeeping things you want to do when it comes to optimizing for SEO traffic is:
    Make sure your video titles state exactly what you deliver. Nothing fancy, but make sure the words in your title are easy to search for (e.g., “How to…” or “The guide to”)
  • You use “tag” keywords
  • You fill out the description area beneath the video (tell people what your video is about)
  • Include any affiliate links in the description if you mention it in your video

I’ve only recently started with tech tutorials on YouTube so I can’t attest to this. But YouTube’s algorithms know what you’re saying and ranks your video’s relevancy based on that. For example, if you’re trying to rank for the keywords “how to develop a growth mindset for business”, you want to make sure you say that a 2-3x in your video.

  • Video has much higher engagement than writing can ever have. There are few benefits that video has that writing doesn’t:
    It’s the only medium where you can see the speaker’s face, hear them out, and visualize them
  • It taps into two senses as opposed to one: see and hear. If you have a podcast, people can hear, but not see you. If you write a blog, people can hear you through reading, but not see you.
  • Video is the most 3D and realistic way to interact with someone
  • Because YouTube videos aren’t live (they can be though), you can edit yourself. There’s no pressure to perform like you do in live video.

There are some SEO benefits of writing, but you can always transcribe your videos into blog posts later on. For example, if you decide later that you want to tap into Pinterest traffic, then you’ll want to create pins to go along with your video blog posts.

#2 Create a podcast or audio recording and talk like an expert.

I personally find it a lot easier to record audio than to do a video because I don’t have to dress up for it. I know people who can get their words and message out better by simply speaking about it.

Creating a podcast from scratch may sound like a huge endeavor. You need to deal with the tech, find a host, get a microphone, and get it approved by iTunes. If this sounds like much, you can always start off with audio recordings where you just hop on your microphone and speak about the blog topic you know a lot about. I knew I didn’t want to commit to a podcast, but occasionally wanted a different outlet of expression.

If you’re going to do a series of audio recordings, check out Soundcloud. They have a limited free plan but even their paid plan is only about $7/month. Then embed your audio recordings on your blog.

Like video, you can always transcribe your audio recordings or podcast into blog posts. If you have the budget or find the transcribing process tedious, you can always outsource this task to a virtual assistant.

#3 Do live streams on your own facebook groups + be brave soul!

This is for the ultimate brave gangbuster! You’re not only doing video, but you’re doing it live!

It’s free and easy to start a Facebook group and just do live streams and connect with people. It’s currently the most authentic and close-up way to engage an audience. You don’t even need to worry about hosting, themes or tech for the matter.

You can always repurpose those content topics into blog posts at a later date. Doing live streams is probably a much quicker way to engage and grow an audience because Facebook’s algorithm favors live video in 2017. Also, there’s much less competition when it comes to starting a live stream than writing a blog.

Although live streams require you to be able to talk on the spot, there’s also a lot of other perks that come with it:

  • You don’t really have to do a lot of planning prior (in case planning isn’t your thing)
  • You can just be as natural as possible and even if you ramble a bit people will understand because that’s who you really are
  • It’s the most authentic as you can get
  • It’s the only type of multimedia where you can interact with people on the spot
  • You give immediate access to your audience and people really like the convenience of having you on “speed dial.” Say what?!!
  • The best way to prove to your audience that you’re really there for them is not answering emails within 24 hours — but it’s carving out the time to be present

What do you think? Is writing your jam? If not, will you consider these other options?

At some point you really want to have a website as your home base because you really don’t own Facebook, YouTube, or iTunes. So in addition to creating one of these multimedia outlets, you also want to get a domain and throw up a landing page to build your email list.

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Now it’s your turn!

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