How To Use Tailwind for Pinterest: Grow Your Blog to 20K Pageviews in 2 Months!

Tailwind for Pinteresting Marketing: My Honest Review and what it did to my blog | Tailwind for Bloggers

Let’s talk social media schedulers today, specifically Tailwind. Here is my complete, honest review about Tailwind and how to use Tailwind for Pinterest.

When I browse on Facebook, one of the biggest frustrations and concern you might have with social media is that you

  • Don’t know how to use the technology
  • Don’t know how many times you should pin each day. You’ve heard outrageous claims that you should pin up to 100 pins per day, but there are other people who say 30 is more than enough
  • Don’t know how to be on social media, but still have time to finish client work and other revenue-generating activities for your blog. Don’t forget, you don’t get paid to pin!

So today I wanted to share a little bit about how I deal with all of this chaos.

My blogging life before using Tailwind

I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical of using Tailwind before I hopped on the bandwagon. I was already using Boardbooster to schedule and loop my pins and on the surface, Boardbooster seemed to have everything Tailwind had.

So why would I want to use Tailwind and pay for another scheduler?

And at this time, I was beginning to hear that Boardbooster wasn’t an approved API partner of Pinterest. Because of that, Pinterest might even punish users for scheduling pins via Boardbooster.

Since I saw a dip in traffic a couple months ago and Tailwind has a free trial offer, I really didn’t have anything to lose. I signed up for the free trial and at first, I didn’t use the account much.

But boy, I didn’t even finish using up the 100 free pins before I busted out my credit card and paid for 1 year of Tailwind upfront.

Woah, why did I do that?!

I went from extremely skeptical to being a raving fan of the software because of a few favorite features of Tailwind.

At the time, I was struggling to grow my traffic quickly from Tailwind. One thing I soon learned was that not every group board was created equal. Even though I was part of 20 or so group boards, my traffic was still going downhill!

Why?! Why me?

Then I realized that Pinterest had a feature (Board Insights and Pin Inspector) where I can check the virality score on a group board. But these analytics are only available for paid customers.

Sure enough, after I got access to the analytics I was no longer blindly pinning and asking myself, why wasn’t something working anymore. It was clear to me which group boards brought in 80% of the traffic and sometimes it only took 2-3 viral pins.

I mean how crazy is that? I spent tens and hundreds of hours and pouring sweat into writing these other articles and creating pins, but they didn’t bring in the traffic and subscribers I wanted.

Of course, there’s more to this analytics than what I just said. But it’s really hard to move forward, make decisions, and focus when you’re simply running on a hamster wheel or continuously pinning without insight.

Some people think it’s simply the “action of pinning” that gets them results. Sometimes, that happens, but I know for sure that doesn’t help me maximize the traffic I want for a popular pin I have.

You need to know what types of content works well with what group board and audience. Over time, you’ll also see that your audience is online at a certain time and you want your pin to meet them there at the right place at the right time.

These two features alone have helped me get from a meager 50 readers per day from my blog every day to over 700 readers a day and growing!

(Here is a snapshot of what my blog page views look like as a result of using Tailwind)

My Favorite Tailwind Features

So what the heck can Tailwind do for your Pinterest and blog? So let me give you a quick rundown.

1 | Smart scheduler – If you’re used to using other social media schedulers like Buffer and Hootsuite, Tailwind isn’t much different. Like Buffer, it helps you auto-create a pinning schedule so you will pin when your audience is mostly online.

One thing that stood out is that you can add a pin to the scheduler and select an interval time between when each pin drips out. This ensures that that same pin is going out on different days so you don’t spam every group board with the same pin.

2| Board lists – Tailwind doesn’t have the looping feature that Boardbooster has, but it does allow you to create Board Lists. This makes scheduling one pin to 20 different boards super simple. You simply create a list all the group boards that revolve around the same topics. For me, I’m part of a bunch of boards that are “blogging” and “social media” related. So every time, I create a social media related pin, I will pin it the board list with all the “social media” group boards.

3| Pin Inspector – Some people say that because of Pinterest’s Smart Feed, they no longer reveal individual pin counts (but only total aggregate pin counts). The “Pin Inspector” feature on Tailwind makes it easy to see what specific pins performed well on what boards.

The only downside to this is that Tailwind only tells you the amount of repins, but not how much people visit your blog from that pin. Rest assured, you can check your Google Analytics to find that out!

4| Virality scores – I saved the best for last! These virality scores tell you how well the group boards you’re part of ranks. If a group board ranks low, this means your pins won’t do that well on that board. This means, people rarely repin from that board, pins don’t go viral, and your pins won’t be seen on the Smart Feed.

For me, a viral score of at least 1 is usually good. But the highest ranking group boards I’m part of usually have a score of at least 3.

So these are four ways you can use Tailwind for Pinterest.

Tailwind vs. Boardbooster

Ah, I knew you’ll ask.

Paying for two Pinterest schedulers can seem ridiculous, especially if you use Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and you have different schedulers for those platforms too. It can easily get out of hand.

Do I still use both?

Yes. Boardbooster and Tailwind have different strengths and weaknesses. Boardbooster is good for:

  • Lopping pins
  • Once you set up everything on Boardbooster you can really forget it (but you still want to manually pin about 5x per day so Pinterest knows your Pinterest account has a real human behind it)
  • Cleaning up pins with broken links or duplicate pins via Pin Doctor
  • Deleting old pins with less than 3 repins vis Pin Mover

If you’re just starting your Pinterest strategy and marketing, I would recommend Tailwind rather than Boardbooster. Like really. In the beginning, you really want to understand which pins takes off on your account and what doesn’t. So if you automate everything TOO EARLY, you’re going to be automating MISTAKES.

Like I did.

But really, what you want is to slowly add things that have PROVEN TO WORK using automation.

Is Tailwind affordable?

Yes! At $10/month if you purchase 1 year upfront, it’s on par with other social media schedulers out there like Buffer and Hootsuite. Now you might think those other tools allow you to schedule more than one social channel, but Tailwind only offers Pinterest and Instagram marketing.

True, but I like to put it this way.

I’m not big on Twitter and don’t use Instagram for this business so I really don’t need to be on every platform.

Really, it’s not about having one scheduler that schedules to every social channel (Buffer seems to do that). It’s about having one very robust scheduler that gives you the results you want to see.

Pinterest drives most of my traffic and converts these people into subscribers and some into clients. But without Tailwind’s analytics to tell me which pins work well on which boards, it’s impossible to optimize my pinning and traffic strategy.

If you are really serious about your Pinterest marketing, I would go ahead and purchase the 1-year plan. You save $5/month and that adds up to over $50+ in savings in a year’s time.

You can, of course, pay month by month. But think about it, if you only pay one month because you’re not sure if you can still afford it next month, you won’t see a ton of results from Pinterest. Organic traffic is a long-term strategy, friend!

What I don’t like about Tailwind

Like every platform, Tailwind has flaws too. I particularly don’t like or care for its slow UI. It’s not a deal breaker, of course, but because I use so many blogging software tools, it’s easy to compare my UI experience from other platforms to this one.

Specifically, I wish they’ll change the “show and hide” sidebar and just put it on “show” all the time.

When should you start using Tailwind?

In the beginning, you might feel like you can manually pin everything. That’s true, especially when you only have about 3 blog posts or 6 pins. But once you have more content on Pinterest, it easily gets overwhelming if you don’t have a scheduler as your virtual assistant.

Once you have about 10 blog posts up and 20 of your own pins (assuming you create 2 pins for each post), it’s time to use some Tailwind help. Otherwise, the moment you start getting accepted to group boards, you’ll really want to know how well those group boards will perform for you. Remember, you don’t want to be pinning blindly.

Once you start using Tailwind and/or Pinterest, I really recommend focusing on the platform and really understand it for 2 weeks. Know how it flows for you. To be honest, my Pinterest growth happened when I was focused on the platform for a consistent period of time.

That means I didn’t focus on other marketing efforts like guest posting, Quora or other stuff. Once I started to see some results from Pinterest and Tailwind, I started to scale back my time spent on Pinterest so I can focus on other projects. While my traffic still continues to grow, it’s not growing exponentially (i.e., doubling or tripling) each month.

This really goes back to my #1 rule for productivity: it’s not about checking off 50 things on your to-do list, it’s about focusing on only one thing so you can reap all the rewards from it.

Still skeptical about Tailwind?

Hope this Tailwind review covers all your questions and concerns about the app.

Tailwind gives you 100 free pins to play with to test out the waters. The free trial does limit you access to some of the paid tools, like analytics. But it doesn’t hurt to try it first if you’re serious about Pinterest marketing.

Now that you know how to use Tailwind for Pinterest. Ready to start getting insights and start seeing your Pinterest traffic grow exponentially?

Start your free Tailwind trial today!


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  1. A Compass For Life

    January 29, 2018

    Nice and informative articles about Pinterest and Tailwind. I tried the trial phase and finished it already. I haven’t continued to pay their monthly offer. I think I should proceed to continue the Tailwind to boost traffic to my website. Thanks.

    • Judy

      January 29, 2018

      Thanks for reading! Tailwind really gives me peace of mind that I have pins going out even if I don’t have time or forget to manually pin that day. Best of luck on your Pinterest game! 🙂

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