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How to Create Free Opt-in Forms to Collect Emails on Mailchimp | Email marketing for bloggers

When I first started using email marketing services and email service providers, I thought the process of hooking up content upgrades to email marketing services was so confusing and so much work. I knew there were other ways to do it, but they often required recurring monthly expenses and that was something I’m trying to avoid for as long as I can.

If you are willing to pay, sure Leadpages is one of the industry’s leading platforms that will deliver your content upgrades straight to your new subscribers inbox. As a subscriber to other blogger’s email lists the experience was seamless. But not everyone wants to pay $25/month for the service on top of other expenses when you can go around and somewhat DIY it. Yes, DIY it. Does that term sound familiar?

If you are in your early stages of growing your blog, you probably want to cut down on expenses or if you’re a student running a website or blog but have heard that having an email list is just about the best investment you can make as a blogger, then this tutorial is for you.

I’m pretty tech savvy and I’m the type of person that as long as I want to learn something and interested in a subject, I can self-learn it. But perhaps not everyone’s strong suit is in the behind the scene tech stuff. Or perhaps you have better things to do than record a video tutorial on Thanksgiving day (true story btw). This tutorial is inspired by how many questions I answered regarding email service providers and content upgrades over the past week in Facebook groups.

The tutorial is split into three parts and you’ll learn how to hook up your email service provider to your content upgrades. I use Magic Action Box (a WordPress plugin) to create my content upgrades and Mailchimp for this example.

Video 1: Connect Magic Action Box to Mailchimp with API Key

Video 2: How to Create a New List on Mailchimp

Video 3: How to Create Your Magic Action Box

Key Takeaways!

  1. Write your content upgrade (cheatsheet, checklist, workbook, ebook, etc)
  2. Upload your content upgrade to your media library in WordPress
  3. Install Magic Action Box and add your email service provider API key to the plugin
  4. Go to your email service provider, and create a new list for people opting in to your freebie. Make sure you fill out the “Final Welcome Email” and include a link to your content upgrade. Mailchimp will send your new subscriber the content upgrade once they sign up with their email address.
  5. Create your Magic Action Box for your content upgrade
  6. Create the style (colors and fonts) for your Magic Action Box
  7. Go to your blog post and from the drop-down menu, add whichever content upgrade you want to include in your post
  8. (Optional) You can always add these people to your main list if you want.

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