5 Reasons You Should Work With a Copywriter to Pump Up Your Brand

Internet creatives come in all shapes and sizes these days. It’s amazing that the cost and barrier of entry to online business are so small. All you really need is a laptop and social media to get started. Of course, that’s after you figure out whatever product or service you’re selling. Also, because of this, every industry, service, and product market is saturated.

Because really, anyone and their grandma can do it. I know, that can be such a harsh reality to digest.

But from “Facebook group hopping” and observing conversations and countless blogs, I realized that the majority of business owners aren’t making money. They’re not getting clients, they’re not approaching their copy and writing with empathy. If fact, they’re just kinda blabbing on their page — and the only thing their writing cures is my insomnia. They have a product sales pages that have never earned them a dollar. Like really, ouch!

“Build it and they will come” isn’t really a strategy. I don’t know if it really ever was one, but I can’t imagine it being ever being one. Whether you build an affiliate marketing strategy with influencers or content marketing strategy with your audience, you’ll need some type of copy (email or sales page) to reach whoever you want to reach. And you can reach a lot of people, but it’s rather pointless if you can’t connect with them. After all, if you don’t know anyone, no one will know who you are.

Today, I want to talk to you a little about why you would want to hire a copywriter — especially if you don’t have a background in sales.

Because the copy isn’t just about content writing, it’s about using psychology and empathy to understand their struggles and pains, laying down the benefits, and bridging that connection altogether.

#1 Work with a copywriter because creating content is too time-consuming for you. Like, it really is!

I’m not gonna lie… but between client work, writing a blog and keeping up with social media mentions… it’s a lot of work. And I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’re probably in the same boat. I’m an introvert, I love writing so I decided to help creative entrepreneurs bring in more sales through copywriting and to write a blog to help my own audience as well.

But seriously, I just did an audit of my weekly workflow the other night and it was nearly impossible to do both client work and write two high-quality, in-depth blog post each week. I can easily write 2000+ words these days if the topic requires that kinda length. Bottom line, each time I sit down to write something, it can take up to 4-5 hours between writing, editing, scheduling it for social and creating parallel social graphics for marketing. And this is for one post, not for two.

Writing itself requires you to actually carve out time and get into the mood of writing. You need to put yourself in your readers’ shoes and actually write from their perspective.

#2 Work with a copywriter because you don’t want to wing your copy — because it’s your sales and income!

You’re in business and your sales is your income and bottom line. If you’re not making a profit, you won’t be able to stay in business no matter how great your service or product is. I know sales aren’t everything for the daring creatives because there’s still amazing service, customer care, and empathy that contributes to your bottom line. But really, if you can’t churn a profit, you won’t be able to continue to provide the value you want anymore.

Having a copywriter doesn’t mean your work is going to be sales-y. She can just more accurately articulate and target the people you want to connect with. When I first started writing a blog many years ago (Yeah, I talk as if I’m 80 right now lol!), I focused too much on content creation and too less on marketing and connecting with others. Boy, big mistake!

Guess who’s reading your stuff?

Yeah, you got it. Other people. Your audience. You’re not writing for yourself.

Not only do you have to know which group of people you’re helping and serving specifically, but you also have to know what makes them tick. If you have a bad service or product and amazing copy, it won’t stand the test of time. Good copy will help your service or product see the day of light and bad or no copy means it stays in the dark.

#3 Work with a copywriter because copywriting is someone else’s talent.

I talk about using your talents a lot, especially in my free Niche Clarity course.

One simple analogy that comes to mind when it comes to using your talents is when I go out to get my eyebrows waxed. A few years ago, I started to analyze where all my expenses were going to. I asked myself which ones can I find a cheaper alternative and which ones I don’t want to sacrifice. I decided to DIY my eyebrows from now on since going out to do it was gonna be more expensive. I bought the eyebrow kit, but only used it once and realized I hated doing it myself. I wasn’t good at DIY-ing to begin with and waxing my eyebrows freakin’ hurts regardless of who’s the one doing it.

It’s been at least 2-3 years now and I still continue to go out and let specialists do it. They’re really quick because they do it every day. The hardest part for me was not because I can’t make them look symmetrical, but building up the motivation and courage to tear the cloth away from my skin after applying the wax. And if you’ve done it before, you know how much that hurts. But when someone else is doing it for me, they know what they’re doing and they’ll just pull the plug on the cloth without asking me. They just get it done. They won’t be stuck in inaction like I was even I attempted to do it myself.

The bottom line here is, I know I have to pay a little more and I’m not just paying for her skills, but also her efficiency and how easy she can get the job done for me. If sales and copywriting isn’t your area of expertise, you probably can still do it. But will it be as effective? Can you make better use of your time? Will you not experience frustration before and during the experience of writing your sales page? Will you nitpick and second-guess your sales page afterward?

My point is, you won’t be able to do it better than the expert who specializes in it and does it every day.

#4 Sometimes it’s just easier when an outsider looks into your business and sees what needs to be fixed immediately.

Maybe you already have your sales page done and you just want a second pair of eyes to look it over and maximize your page. Solopreneurship can get really lonely and working for yourself means there’s no boss or leadership giving you direction, telling you what’s right and what’s not good enough.

When you’re working with a copywriter, the best part may not even be having the job done for you. But it’s forming the connection with the copywriter who will be your business partner while you make more sales.

I find it much easier to craft copy for my clients than it is for myself because I’m looking from the outside in. I can spot things I immediately want to change. I don’t have the bias so I can only focus on that one task. As a creative biz owner, you might have to create your product, design the sales page, and also craft the copy. It’s overwhelming and you’ll second guess yourself many times. For example, I’ve worked with clients who changed their opt-in incentive in a matter of days — and that’s between the time we first chat and the time we start working together.

Now we are all wishy-washy from time to time, but when you’re working with a copywriter, they will hold you accountable and lay out facts and objectives that you might have missed.

#5 Work with a copywriter because you’re launching!

This is a big and exciting one. In that case, congrats! To say that you have a zillion things on your plate is an understatement. One of the reasons I haven’t launched a digital product yet is because the launch itself sounds hella intimidating. There’s so much content that has to go into launching a digital product, but if you don’t launch it, the sales won’t come in. It seems like I have to drop everything I’m doing right now and transfer all my energy into my launch.

But honestly, if you’re launching again, this is the best reason to hire to a copywriter to spruce up the copy for your sales pages. Was your last launch met with crickets? Eek!

Let’s try this one more time, this time, with a copywriter as your business partner.

One of the reasons I loved working in recruiting and sales and now in copywriting is because I get to know that my work contributes directly to someone else’s bottom line. If you think about, when a new product-based business is starting from the ground up, the first people to be hired are going to be the product peeps who build the transformational thing followed by the sales people who can sell that transformational thing.

As a creative biz owner, what’s the main reason you will want to work with a copywriter? What’s the best thing a copywriter has done to elevate your business? Or do you still like to write your own copy?

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